is our number one Priority

We want our community and friends to know that we take the highest level of concern over the safety of our customers. With the growing concerns over the Coronavirus and other potential viral threats  we have taken extra measures in the sanitation of our equipment 


Follow the link below to learn about the products we use to sanitize our equipment before and after every event

Clear Gear:


Our Mission

We are dedicated to providing SAFE family fun and entertainment to the heart of Sneads Ferry.  

We are COMMITTED to meeting the needs of our customers, and we are honored to serve you. 

It is our MISSION to deliver customer satisfaction in every opportunity. 



Licensed & Insured

All are inflatables undergo routine maintenance, cleaning, and sanitation after every use. 

Our inflatables are in compliance with North Carolina's Amusement Ride Regulations and are inspected yearly for safe operation.

Our inflatables are insured by the Cossio Insurance Agency

Important Information

Safety is our highest consideration. However, every year accidents happen involving inflatables, children, and adults. To best ensure the safety of our customers and their guest we have made a list of things that should be considered beforehand. 


Please take a moment to review.


  • It is highly recommended but not required that riders are from the same age groups or similar size. This is for the safety of the riders. Most common accidents happen between big kids and smaller ones.
  • Each ride has suggested rider limits that vary from ride to ride. We will provide specific operator instructions for your rental.
  • Equipment must be staged within 100 feet from the electrical source. We provide a 12 gauge 3 wire 100-foot extension cord for every blower unit we install. We can not exceed 100 feet without risking equipment failure or damage. Never remove ground prongs from cords and never attach extra extension chords. If you can not be within 100 feet, you will need a generator to operate the equipment.
  • Every year children and adults are injured on inflatable rentals. Adult Supervision is mandatory during all hours of operation of equipment.
  • In the event power loss occurs during operation the inflatable may deflate rapidly. All occupants should immediately sit down and the operator should supervise a safe evacuation of occupants. 
  • High winds are a common occurrence on the sound side. In the event, winds exceed 25 miles per hour. Safely evacuate the inflatable and shut down the equipment.
  • Never inflate or plan to inflate equipment near powerlines or low hanging trees. ****Always ensure the site selected is free and clear of debris prior to your delivery.
  • Some of our equipment (Water Slides) requires large stakes that penetrate up to 24 inches into the ground.  Please be aware of underground obstructions like pipes, electrical lines, gas lines, telephone cables, and irrigation.
  • The operator must ensure riders remove shoes, eyewear/glasses, or sharp objects from their hair or clothing!

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